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1988 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

Mehagian's KRC Phoenix Fridge
Owner: MArk Johnson
Breeder: Marge Mehagian
Runner up
Rebel Rouser Riley
Owner: Bill Fisher
Breeder: HF Rozanek
2nd Runner up
Owner: Bill Elliot & Jim Busch
Breeder: Tom & Debbie Hagen
3rd Runner up
Mehagian's KRC's Penni Paloma
Owner/Breeder: Marge Mehagian



April 14, 1988


Another great day for running dogs. Every dog had plenty of birds.


temps started in the 50's to 60's during the running and then following the the Futurity it turned windy and hot.


Several spectators came out to watch and enjoy the festivities following the trial.


thanks to Rozanek Kennels and SMA Kennels for donating this explicit display of trophies.


Some of the top dogs in the country vied for the title. It was too bad that Mark Johnson, owner of the winner, was not present to see his performance.


Special thanks go to the Eastern Iowas Vizsla Club, Judges Jerry Flynn and Geno Woehrle whose decisions were well taken. Paula Abbott did an outstanding job handling the gallery as marshall


~ Hank Rozanek


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