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1990 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

Lakeside Luke Skywalker
Owner: George Noren & John Parod
Breeder: George Noren
Runner up
Mehagian's Camarily Amigo
Owner: Robert sloane & Marge Mehagian
Breeder: Marge Mehagian
2nd Runner up
Buster Keeton
Owner: Jim Busch
Breeder: T & D Keeton
3rd Runner up
Lakeside Tizzie Jezebel
Owner: George Noren & John Parod
Breeder: George Noren


the Midwest Fizsla Futurity got off to a great start March 16th following a week of stormy weather. The weather was great for the working of dogs. It was 45 to 50, cloudy, with a little rain for an early brace. Birds were plentiful, as most of the dogs had multiple finds. The grounds were in excellent shape. It was good to see all the people. Mr Busch Sr was on hand to watch his charge compete. The judges this year were Sylvester Armestead of Omaha, NE and Jerry Flynn of Winterset, IA and their decisions were well received. Bill Fisher, a long-time field trialer and editor of the Vizsla Field was on hand to marshall the Futurity.


Chaps were presented as gifts to the judges and Marshall. A small celebration was held in the club house and latter dinner was served at the Branched Oaks Inn.


A big thanks should also go to the Nebraska Vizsla Club for asking us to be a part of their trial and their support.


It was good to see the author of the book (The Vizsla) and his wife, Cliff and Hilda Boggs and their daughter-in-law Sue.


Paula Abbott and the Dieters came out to ride braces.


Thanks to the Nebraska Field Trial Association (NFTA) we had a warm and comfortable place to gather up in between braces. They also have some fine horse facilities for everyone. Bud Graff, Presidnet of the NFTA, and Secretary/Treasurer Bill Tiederman, made it out to the Futurity to make sure we all got off to a good start. Every horse around was in use during the running, and a few more could have been used. These grounds, considered the best in the Midwest by many, gave all dogs a fair share.


Luke had a big forward race with four clean finds, with three dug out of the right places.


Amigo had a wide race and multiple finds.


Buster had a good strong fast attractive race with multiple finds.


Jezebel also had a strong forward race with multiple finds.


As in the past, those of you who have been here know the hospitality was relaxing and great. Everyone got along for a while, even after the placements and there were no separate camps.


~Hank Rozanek.

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