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2001 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

Winner: NRico
Sire: FC/AFC LIFO Riley
Dam: Upwind's Shake N Bake
Owner/Handler: Mark Vitkauskas
Breeder: Larry Barnett

First Runner Up: Jumping Jack Flash II
Sire: FC/AFC Grand Slam Sam
Dam: DC/AFC Desert Storm Jet Tripper
Owner/Handler: Mark Sullivan
Breeder: Stephanie Russo
Second Runner Up: Sam I Am
Sire: Idaho Ranchhand
Dam: FC Lakeside Sunny Girl Selle
Owner/Handler: Joel Lundin
Breeder: George Noren
Third Runner Up: Lakeside Miss Maggie Mae
Sire: Idaho Ranchhand
Dam: FC Lakeside Sunny Girl Selle
Owner/Handler: Bill & Jean Strand/HR Rozanek
Breeder: George Noren
Honorable Mention: Copper Creek Lexi
Sire: FC Rebel Rouser Jac
Dam: Rebel Rouser Cricket
Owner/Handler: Michael & Darleen Lundy
Breeder: Larry Barnett
Honorable Mention: Tsavo's Spirit of Copperfield
Sire: CH Copperfield's High Roller
Dam: CH Tsavos's Mona Vizsla
Owner/Handler: Valerie Smith & Ed Kottmeier
Breeder: Val Smith


Ready Steady Mark Mark
By Gina Ordonez & Michel Berner
John Kirkpatrick and Randy Boggs contributing

There were many changed in the 2001 Midwest Vizsla Field Futurity. The first MVFF of this millennium had outstanding conditions for a field trial, in contrast to the below zero conditions and snowstorms of the prior year. The competition was intense and the judging excellent. Senior judge, the well-known Dennis Hild, and Junior Judge AKC field Representative Ken Crago presided. The traditional futurity dinner was lunch. A purse of sixteen hundred dollar in prizes and trophies were divided between the winner and the top three runners’ up.

There were 18 litters nominated for the Futurity. The competitive field of 18 came out of eight of the nominated litters. Thought the rivalry was
keen, winners came from five different litters; their breeders owned none of the placing dogs.

Spectator Dennis Spada who will serve as next year’s junior judge commented that the quality of the dogs’ performance were on par with an all breed stake. Mark Johnson, who frequently judges other pointing breed trials, stated. "It was the finest derby that he had ever seen."

This year there were two honorable mentions. Larry Barnett’s litter between FC Rebel Rouser Jack and Rebel Rouser Cricked produced Copper Creek Lexi owned by Mike Lundy of Kansas. The other honorable mention was bred by Val Smith of Missouri, out of CH Copperfield’s High Roller, and CH Tzavos’s Mona Vizsla. Tsavo’s Spirit of Copperfield is owned by Ed Kottmeier and Val Smith.

The third runner up was Lakeside Miss Maggie Mae owned by Bill and Jean Strand; Maggie was out of Idaho Ranchhand and FC Lakeside Sunny Girl Selle and handled by a clean-shaven Hank Rozanek.

The second runner up was "Sam I Am". Sam is owned by Joel Lundin and is the littermate to the third runner up. Minnesota’s Dapper George Noren and Dashing John Parod bred both Maggie and Sam.

The first runner up was handled to a placement by neophyte Vizslaphile Mark Sullivan. Mark is enjoying the taste of success with Jumping Jack Flash II. Jack entered the gun dog stakes tin the field trial that followed the futurity. Stephanie Russo bred Jack and handled thre
e of his siblings in the competition.

The winner of the 2001 MVFF was NRico. Rico was handled to his win by the VCOI former president and still reining "Weather Chairman" Mark Vitkauskas. Larry Barnett bred Rico. Rico is out of FC AFC LIFO Riley, and Upwind Shake N Bake. LIFO Riley was the winner of the 1995 MVFF and the sire of the 1997 MVFF winner Raany, the 1999 Winner Outbound Ike. Raany, Ike and Rico are out of three different Dams.

The relaxed event continues to draw entries from the best hunting stock produced across the Midwest. While the quality of the comp
etition was keen, the performance of the entrants was only exceeded by the sportsmanlike conduct of the handlers. The friendly atmosphere of the Futurity lends you to believe that you are just 30 friends getting together to watch the derby performances of future field champions.

"A Futurity Nominated" litter is an endorsement of genetic potential and often indicative of future field trial success. In the words of the father of the futurity, Hank Rozanek "Let’s keep them litters nominated."

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