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2003 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

Rebel Rouser Kemberly
Owned by Carl Wilbur
Sire Rebel Rouser Smokey
Dam is Rebel Rouser Lionest


First Runner Up:
Home Again Little Red Chief 
Handled by Dan Long 
Sire Little Red Wizard
Dam FC BK'S Homeagain Scarlet Rebel
Owned by Lindsay Cissell and Bill Linning
Bred by Bill Linning


Second Runner Up:
Senoj MD Eddie
Owner handled byJohn Paul Jones. 
Sire DC AFC Berry's Borne to be Wilde
Dam FC AFC NAFC Desert Storm's Desirae. 
Bred by Barry Peterson



Third Runner Up:
Thunder's Adrenalin Rush
Owner handled by Tony Ordonez. 
Sire FC Kal-Cam's RedThunder
Dam Rush
Bred by Bill Elliott


MVFF 2003

The circus of the Midwest Vizsla Field Futurity usually starts on Thursday at the drawing. This year with Gina Ordonez & Michel Berner handling the drawing, it gained efficiency but lacked the entertainment value of the former years. In prior years, the drawings with Jim Busch presiding had the air of an auctioneer or a carnival barker. This year the drawing was done with the excitement of the engraved “Next Customer→“ signs for open tellers at the bank. But while the drawing the running order and the judges’ books were done within 15 minutes, it did not mean that the participants did not see a show. Just as the crowd was beginning to disperse, the audience got a show that rivaled the posturing prior to the W.W.F. main event over which course the event would take place on. Despite the turf wars, the event ran as planned
by the committee.

This year there were dogs nominated out of 17 different litters. There were 22 puppies re-nominated, 13 ran out of 7 different litters.

Judge Dennis Spada was unable to judge the event due to a death in his family and Lori Rezzardi thankfully stepped up. The committee thanks the Rezzardi’s for their keen eyes.

The weather was sunny cool and crisp. There was a 3-inch snow cover on the ground in places. But the scenting conditions/and bird planters were good. Not a single dog went without bird contact.

Winner Rebel Rouser Kemberly is owned by Carl Wilbur. Kember was a self-nominated dog. Carl Wilber did not have to share his purse with the breeder. Kember was born 3-17-01, her Sire Rebel Rouser Smokey, her Dam is Rebel Rouser Lionest. Carl no
minated her after a successful Puppy season, and before her first birthday. Kember ran a mature course, handled her two birds steady to wing and shot, and impressed the judges as the best dog running that day.

First runner up was Home Again Little Red Chief. Chief handled by Dan Long. Chief maintained a forward course, and had commendable bird contact. He was one of the 4 nominated puppies out of thelitter between Little Red Wizard and FC BK'S Homeagain Scarlet Rebel. The puppies were born 6/4/200l. Lindsay Cissell and Bill Linning own Home Again Chief. Bill Linning is the Breeder.

Second Runner up was Senoj MD Eddie handled by John Paul Jones. The blind draw had Eddie/John Paul Jones braced with littermate Mac* handled by breeder/owner Barry Peterson. Eddie displayed some big run potential, held for a clean find and ho
nored his bracemate/littermate Desi’s Wilde Child on another find. Born 5/28/01 Eddie was one of the puppies out of the litter out of DC AFC Berry's Borne to be Wilde and FC AFC NAFC Desert Storm's Desirae. Barry Peterson bred the litter and shared in the purse. A third Eddie littermate also competed. Wanda Berner owns Strider’s Wilde Desire, JH. After Wanda broke her foot, leaving her without a leg to stand on, Rodney Albin offered to run Pete* for Wanda.

Third Runner up was Thunder's Adrenalin Rush owned and handled by Tony Ordonez. Bill Elliott bred the litter out of FC Kal-Cam's Red Thunder and Rush, born 6/25/2001. Al* ran the largest course of the four; she had bird contact with one bird, but tended to run her own race.

The second self-nominated dog was owned and handled by Ken Fales. Ken owns Sunny Crump and after asuccessful puppy season Ken nominated Sunny. Sunny is out of FC/AFC Raany and Muddy Creek Chelsea. Sunny had a nice run, and honored her bracemate, but the judges did not observe her bird contact.

Other participants included Breeder Cheryl Peterson who bred, owned and handled two dogs in the event. Cheryl bred a litter out of DC Oakleaf's Everwhen Chances R
CDX MH NA ROM VC and her CH Mehagian's Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah CD SH OA OAJ VC and kept two puppies Kelly and Dillion (Nordic's Hot Digity Dawg JH and Nordic's Lickety Split JH)

Steve Serenda who handled Caesar. Caesar, out of DC/ AFC Outbound Ike and Foxfire's Mend N Fences, was born July is the youngest dog of the bunch by a couple of weeks. Ceasar is Steve’s first Vizsla. Little did he know when he bought a dog to accompany his hawk that he would be field trailing. Caesar had a successful puppy season.

Rodney Albin is taking over the Secretarial duties of the event. Tony Ordonez (whose wife suggests that he finishes Al before he gets a new dog) will take over as chair.

* Mac, Pete and Al are girls

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