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2004 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

Winner: Chevee JH
DOB: 2/7/2002
Sire: FC AFC Raany SH FD
Dam: Avalon JH
Breeder/Handler: Jim Busch
Owner: Linda Busch

1st RU: Shiloh Luck O The Irish "Lucas"
DOB: 8/21/02
Sire: Upwind Shiloh Mark Of Zorro
Dam: Shiloh Madach's Mishka
Breeder/Handler: Robert Tomczak
Owner: Brynne Bock

2nd RU: Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger
DOB: 6/7/2002
Sire: FC AFC Raany SH FD
Dam: Madison III SH
Handler: Mark Spurgeon
Owner/Breeder: Mark & Pam Spurgeon

3rd RU: Kick Em Up A Shot Of JD "Boot"
DOB: 6/4/2002
Sire: FC AFC JD Duke Of Voorhies MH
Dam: FC AFC Copper Creek Borden
Breeder/Handler: John Houck
Owner: Steve Zobel


2004 marks the twenty-fourth running of the Midwest Vizsla Futurity.   This year judges were Guy Rezzardi and Scott Stasiewicz.  There were 18 nominated litters and 11 dogs eligible to run.  Nine dogs came to the line. A purse of $1,250 in trophies and prizes was divided between the winner and the top two runners up.  Thursday’s weather was 50 degrees and wet with an inch of accumulated rain. Friday it was 65 and overcast skies, with a steady 60 mile an hour wind, and the temperature dropped as the day progressed.   The wind shortened the range of many of the contenders, and dogs who usually ran lines quartered in open fields.  

     The third runner up, Kick Em Up A Shot of JD, JH was handled by his breeder, John Houck.  Owner Steve Zobel purchased Boot as a personal hunting dog, but could not overlook his potential as a competitive field trial dog. Born 6/4/02, Boot is out of FC/AFC JD Duke of Voorhies MH and FC/AFC Copper Creek Borden. True to form, he hunted hard and used the field well.  Boot hit objectives on both sides of the course, and had two finds.     

Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger JH was the second runner up, and is bred, owned and handled by Mark Spurgeon. Ruger is out of FC/AFC Raany SH, and Madison III SH, born on 6/7/2002. Ruger had a forward course with an early find.  He hunted tree lines and hit objectives     

First Runner up was Shiloh Luck O the Irish.  Lucas was handled by his breeder Rob Tomczak and is owned by Brynne Bock.  Born on 8/21/2002 out of Upwind Shiloh Mark of Zorro and Shiloh Madach’s Mishka, Lucas was by far the youngest of the placing dogs.  Lucas took to the woods right away, had three evenly spaced finds, and finished strong with a big move at the end of the course.      

The winner of the MVFF was Chevee JH, owned by Linda Busch and handled by her husband Jim Busch.  Chevee is the oldest of the field, born 2/7/2002 out of.  FC AFC Raany SH, and Avalon JH. She ran a consistently forward course, used the entire perimeter and had two stylish finds.  She impressed the judges and she would not be denied on this day. Chevee, ranked the 2004 #1 Puppy/Derby Vizsla  is a third-generation MVF winner, being preceded by her sire and grand-sire, also #1 Puppy/Derby dogs for their respective years.     

The Vizsla Club Of Illinois was privileged to have Guy Rezzardi of southern Illinois and Scott Stasiewicz from Dousman Wisconsin in the judicial saddles.  Guy and Scott provided the field with their undivided attention.  The judges’ decisions were well received by all.     

The VCOI put on a well run trial, and there are many to thank for the trial’s success.  The committee wants to extend their thanks to those who assisted in making it happen.

    For nomination information, or contact: MVF Standing Secretary Rodney Albin, 2445 Carter Rd., Moscow Mills, MO 63362    (636) 366-9746   rodneyalbin@centurytel.net


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