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2009 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

Dogs running in the 2009 Futurity were born between February 1, 2007 and January 31, 2008


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Event Running Order

Submitted by Jonathan Peck, MVF Scribe

The 29th running of the Midwest Vizsla Futurity (“MVF”) took place on March 6, 2009, at the Des Plaines Wildlife Conservation Area near Joliet, IL.  This year marked the return of Eukanuba as an event sponsor.  A sincere thank you must be extended to Eukanuba for their generous contribution, and we look forward to their continued support of this long-standing event. 

Breeders nominated a total of thirteen litters for this year’s futurity, and subsequent owners of pups from those litters re-nominated twenty-three hopefuls.  Of the twenty-three dogs eligible to be run, seventeen were drawn and brought to the line to compete for a total cash and prize purse worth nearly $2500.  The MVF regularly attracts the best and brightest derby dogs our breed has to offer, and this year was no exception.  Four of the top five derby dogs in the country were on hand to vie for top honors and the chance to take home the coveted “Double Lane” trophy, one of our breed’s most sought after trophies.  The MVF lived up to its name, drawing entries from throughout the Midwest – futurity participants hailed from eight different states including Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio and Illinois.

Not only did Judges Julie Condron, of Batavia, IL, and Robert Richter, of Harvard, IL, have a great slate of dogs to watch that day, but also beautiful weather in which to do it.  Despite single digit temperatures less than a week earlier, this year’s futurity enjoyed arguably the mildest weather in event history.  The morning ride around began at 8:30 a.m. and first brace cast off at 9:30 a.m. to 60-degree temps, clear skies and only a slight breeze out of the south-west.  The temperature continued to climb throughout the day under the warm sun, peaking in the mid to upper 70’s by early afternoon.  Though the judges, handlers and gallery members obviously enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather, the dogs did not.  Unaccustomed to the warm air after enduring the coldest winter in more than 20 years, a number of dogs struggled as the mercury continued to rise, and even the best competitors slowed late in their brace as a result.  Nevertheless, the dogs showed tremendous heart and pressed on, aided by well-timed handlers and jugs of water dutifully carried by their trusty steeds.

 The winner, Kick Em Up Bullet, was owner handled by Jarrett Bell of O’Fallon, MO, in the 6th brace of the day.  His mid-day run took place under clear skies, warm conditions and minimal wind.  Bullet cast off with a purpose, quickly disappearing to the front and letting everyone know that he was a force to be reckoned with that day.  After a short absence, Bullet showed up front, was collected and then taken through the cut into the “back 40,” where he made a strong move to the far edge.  Bullet was found standing along the edge near the “turnaround” at 8 minutes, head and tail high.  After a quick relocation, handler Bell produced the bird.  Bell then gave Bullet a splash of water and sent him on his way.  He thoroughly scoured a section of tall grass that had been holding birds in previous braces and then returned to hunt the edge of the heavy tree line separating the “back 40” from the “big field.”  Shortly before reaching the cut, Bullet swapped ends and pinned down his second find at 12 minutes.  While off flushing, Bell’s mount became startled and bolted rearward on the course.  Bell’s scout/wife, Allison, and several members of the gallery quickly gave chase.  Bell, undeterred, collected his dog and continued on foot, declining offers by several remaining gallery members to use their horse.  Bullet and Bell entered the “big field” with Bullet fleet afoot and charging to the front.  Bullet hugged the tree line to the right, holding the edge well for several hundred yards, and then cut the field to hit the broken tree line in the middle.  At 18, Bell’s scout returned with his horse.  Bell then guided Bullet to the orchard, where he quickly collected his third find at 21 minutes.  Once in the orchard, Bullet adjusted his range, adapting to the cover, and methodically attacked the cover in search of his quarry.  At 25 minutes, Bullet notched his 4th find along the tree line on the north border of the orchard.  Slowing a bit due to the heat, Bullet dug deep and caught his second wind upon exiting the orchard.  He finished the half hour forward and hunting hard.  Bullet ran the widest race of the dogs that placed and was rewarded with the win.  Not bad for Bell’s first ever MVF.  Bullet is also the first MVF winner produced by breeder Steve Zobel of Traer, IA.

First Runner-Up, Kojac’s Maggie’s Mae, owned by Andy Gauge, of Whiting, IA, was handled by professional trainer Jerry Jordan, of Cedar Point, IA, in the 4th brace of the morning.  Running as the bye dog, all eyes were on Mae.  Mae began her brace by hunting the first field hard at a medium range.  She notched her first find at 5 minutes near the cut between the first field and the “back 40.”  Mae had her second find at 10 minutes along the far edge of the “back 40,” and then quickly netted her third find two minutes later just before the “turnaround.”   Mae moved into the “big field” and suffered a non-productive at 16.  She later made amends in the orchard, netting finds four and five at the 23 and 25 minute mark respectively.  Each of Mae’s birds were pointed staunchly and with beautiful style.  While Mae’s range was less than that of the winner, she ran a mature course.  Her pace was consistent, her application intelligent and her effort workman-like.  Mae is the third dog produced by breeder Robert Hodges, of Colona, IL, to place in the MVF.  Her sire, Point Blanc’s Rusty Miracle (“Duke”), was the MVF’s 1st Runner-Up in 2002 and the sire of last year’s winner, Hoosier Daddy.  Duke was also the National Vizsla Association’s National Amateur Field Champion in 2008.  Her grand-sire, Raany, who was also bred by Mr. Hodges, was the MVF winner in 1997.  Her other grand-sire, Berry’s Borne To Be Wilde, was the 2nd Runner-Up in 1997.

Second Runner-Up, With All Guns Blazing, owned by Doug Nishimura of Ballwin, MO, was handled by his breeder and MVF Secretary, Rodney Albin, of Moscow Mills, MO, in the 2nd brace.  Gunner began his brace at a medium range, alternating between hunting the edge and the tall prairie grass in the last third of the first field.  Gunner netted two quick finds at 7 and 8 minutes, the latter being a divided find with his brace mate, Zoey.  Gunner continued his medium range through the “back 40” but opened up considerably once he entered the “big field.”  Gunner and Zoey had another divided find along the right edge of the “big field” at 13.  Gunner displayed great intensity on point, with a pleasing tail set and high head.  Once back on the course, Gunner held the right edge nicely to the corner woods, hooked left along Blodget Road, checked the island and then moved into the orchard, displaying good stamina and appearing to be less affected by the heat than many of the other dogs.  Gunner was bogged down shortly after entering the orchard, but improved his application substantially in the second half, moving swiftly through the cover.  His hard work was rewarded with a nice find along the north edge of the orchard at 23 minutes.  Though finally slowing a bit toward the end of his brace, Gunner continued hunting hard and remained forward, displaying the attractive gait that he inherited from his sire, Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger, who was the MVF’s 2nd Runner-Up in 2004.  Like Mae, Gunner was grand-sired by Raany.  Gunner, the youngest dog to place in this year’s MVF, is also the first dog produced by breeder Albin to place at the MVF.

Third Runner-Up, Saginaw CYA Reba, was owner handled by Mark Johnson in the 7th brace.  Reba started a bit slower than the three dogs that placed ahead of her, but she continued to build throughout the half hour.  Reba’s first bird contact was at 9 minutes, shortly after entering the “back 40,” but this reporter did not see her on point.  Reba made a strong move to the far edge on the back of the course, holding it well until rewarded with a quality find at 14 minutes.  Reba was staunch on point, displaying the same eye-catching style exhibited by her half-sister, Mae, in the 4th brace.  Reba entered the “big field” at the 18 minute mark, hooked right along the south tree line and scored her second find at 20.  After the bird was flushed and the gun fired, Reba was given a short drink of water and sent on her way.  She made a strong move back to the south tree line and held the edge all the way to the corner woods, hooked left at Blodget Road, quickly checked the double trees, the island and then moved swiftly to the orchard, completing her best move of the afternoon.  Reba scored her third find at 25 minutes along the north border of the orchard.  Reba hunted the last half of the orchard hard and finished the half hour moving forward along the left tree line.   Reba is the fourth dog owned by Mark Johnson, and the seventh dog produced by breeder Barry Peterson, to place in the MVF.  Like Mae, Reba was also sired by Duke and grand-sired by Berry’s Borne To Be Wilde.  This year marks the second year in a row that Duke fathered two of the four dogs to place in the MVF.  Her other grand-sire, Lifo Riley, won the MVF in 1995.

Complete synopses of each brace and an event photo gallery can be found at www.vizslafuturity.com.  For more information about the Midwest Vizsla Futurity, event rules and litter nominations, please visit the MVF’s website at www.vizslafuturity.com or contact MVF Secretary, Rodney Albin, 2445 Carter Road, Moscow Mills, MO 63362, (636) 366-9746, rodneyalbin@centurytel.net.


Litter Number
Date of Birth
2009/01 Robert Hodges FC AFC Pointe Blane's Rusty Miracle Shiloh's MY-T-Hi Maggie 3/19/2007
2009/02 Jonathan Peck Si Cisco Rio Le Rouge 3/12/2007
2009/03 Greg Wegler FC Tommy Boy FC Rebel Rouser Kemberly 2/18/2007
2009/04 Laura Miller NFC FC AFC Dry Creek Pappomatic Stella Artois JH RN 5/10/2007
2009/05 James Busch CH Archiee Saasha  4/26/2007
2009/06 Linda Busch CH Archiee Kennedy 5/7/2007
2009/07 Jim Couris Dave's Rebel Rouser Bo Rex's Whompum Rebel Rexa 7/24/2007
2009/08 Mark Pfeifer Berry's Power Stroke  Bonneterre Ripstone Mermaid 11/2/2007
2009/09 Barry & Lynn Peterson FC AFC Pointe Blane's Rusty Miracle Desert Storm's Billie 8/4/2007
2009/10 Julie LaRue & Medda Rauhut Bravo Haulin's Olympic Shine Onpoint's Bravo Thunder Rolls 8/22/2007
2009/11 Greg Wegler Kemberly's Rebel Rouser Kye Wegler's Gypsy Garnet 10/18/2007
2009/12 Rodney & Anne Albin NGDC DC AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger SH Onpoint's Crowned Victoria 9/16/2007
2009/13 Robert Tomczak Shiloh's Matrix FC AFC Cherokee's Jazzmin of Shiloh 6/24/2007




Julie Condron and Jon Peck


Jarrett Bell and Allison with Double Lane Trophy

Quick Draw Rodney Albin

Scribe Jon Peck

Eukanuba: The Official Midwest Futurity Sponsor

Jarrett Bell and Mark Spurgeon

Jerry Jordan and Mark Spurgeon

Robeny Albin and Mark Spurgeon

Mark Johnson and Mark Spurgeon

Jerry Jordan , Luke Piper and Mae

Greg Hedien and Jozy


Bella with Phil Rohs

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