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Rules and Regulations for the Midwest Vizsla Futurity

  • The Midwest Vizsla Futurity (MVF) will be held in the spring and the grounds will be in the Midwest.
  • Only properly nominated dogs will run in the MVF and must be registered with either AKC or FDSB.
  • The course will be a 30-minute single course with no bird field. 
  • Birds will be released on the course.
  • Horseback handling is permitted. 
  • Dogs may be called back for any reason at the discretion of the judges. 
  • Dogs will be run in braces as drawn. 
  • If a brace mate is not present to run, the other dog will run alone. 
  • Bitches in season will be run last.
  • The MVF will be judged using derby requirements:  all placed dogs must point staunchly. 
  • All placements must be awarded. 
  • Ten to 20 birds will be released before the first brace and three birds will be released before each addition brace. 
  • Handlers handling from horseback must use their horse strictly as a conveyance, keeping the horse in a walk at all times. 
  • All handlers must seek permission from the marshal or judges before leaving the directed route. 
  • Infractions of handling procedures can, if repeated, be grounds for disqualification. 
  • The pace of handlers will be set by the judges. 
  • The handler may designate a scout. 
  • The scout may be used at the judge’s discretion.
  • If the handler or the dog flushes a bird after a point, a shot must be fired from a .22 cal. or larger gun. 
  • The MVF committee will select the judges.  Two judges will judge.
  • If any dispute arises at the MVF, the MVF committee will have sole jurisdiction. 
  • Judging emphasis is to be placed on dogs that show a keen desire to hunt, are bold and independent, have a fast yet attractive style of running, and demonstrate intelligence in seeking objectives. 
  • Dogs should point staunchly and may be called back for a point.
  • No Training is allowed on the grounds three weeks prior to the Futurity. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. No refunds will be given. 



The Midwest Vizsla Futurity was established for the purpose of encouraging the owners of Vizslas to breed for the highest field standards.  A substantial cash prize awarded to both the owners and the breeders of the winning dogs is intended as an incentive for practicing these high breeding standards.

Nomination forms are available for the asking:  Midwest Vizsla Futurity, Rodney Albin, 2445 Carter Rd, Moscow Mills, MO  63362 and are also available on the official MVF website, www.vizslafuturity.com

When a litter is nominated for the MVF, a certificate for each pup will be sent to the breeder to give to the pup’s new owner.

Qualifications & Nominations

The dog must be a registered Vizsla.

The nomination procedure is as follows:

            A.  The litter must be nominated.  A litter may be nominated within 90 days of their whelp date for a fee of $45. A litter may be nominated within 6 months for an additional late fee of $45 (Total of $90.00) NO LATE LITTER NOMINATIONS ARE PERMITTED.

            B.  The individual pup must be re-nominated.  A pup may be re-nominated prior to its first birthday for a fee of $40.  A pup may be re-nominated within 90 days of its first birthday for a late fee of an additional $50 (Total of $90.00).  This is the last nomination required to keep the pup eligible. 

            C.  An individual may nominate a pup out of an un-nominated litter by paying $150 within 9 months of the whelping date.

D. An individual may nominate a pup out of an un-nominated litter between 9-12 months of age for an additional late fee of $50 (Total $200.00).

D. An individual may nominate a pup out of an un-nominated litter between the first birthday and the date entries close , a pup may be nominated for an additional late fee of $150 (Total of $300.00), this fee includes the first birthday fee. 

            E.  Litters whelped on or after February 1st and on or before January 31st of the following year are eligible for the Futurity held two years hence.  Example – litters whelped on or after February 1, 2008 and on or before January 31, 2009 are eligible for nomination for the 2010 Futurity. Pups born between February 1, 2009 and January 31, 2010 are eligible for nomination into the 2011 Futurity, and so on.

            F.  Entries shall close at 7:00 PM CST on the Thursday preceding the Futurity.  The drawing shall take place at 7:00 pm CST Thursday preceding the Futurity at the site of the Futurity.  The entry fee will be $75 and must be paid before the entries close. 

Prize Money & Awards

Four dogs shall be placed with the prize money divided between the first, second, and third place dogs.  The gross purse shall be figured on the basis of all monies received, minus expenses.  The gross purse, less expense, shall be broken down as follows:

            50% of purse to 1st place (60% of this to owner and 40% to breeder);

            30% of purse to 2nd place (60% of this to owner and 40% to breeder);

            20% of purse to 3rd place (60% of this to owner and 40% to breeder).

Trophies go to the owners of placed dogs, and a breeder recognition plaque will go to the nominated first place winner’s breeder.

Handlers paying starting fees will be considered as the authorized agents of the owner(s) of competing dogs and winnings will be paid to such handlers, unless otherwise instructed in writing by the owner(s) prior to the Futurity.

Breeder Showcase

For a one-time $30 fee, we will provide a simple web page for breeders to provide a pedigree, photos of the sire and dam, and their contact information in order to showcase nominated litters.

Once a page is created, it will remain online for the duration of the www.vizslafuturity.com web presence, and listings will NOT be updated. This is an opportunity to have lifetime advertising for your nominated litters.

Check payable to Midwest Vizsla Futurity in the amount of $30 and information, including a copy of the pedigree and a disk with 1 picture of the sire and dam may should be mailed to

Futurity Breeder Showcase
c/o Michel Berner
W14849 Scotch Pine Rd
Fairchild, WI 54741


2009 Winning Breeder Recognition Plaque design donated by Nancy Heinold, DVM

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