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2013 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

Dogs born between February 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012 run in the 2013 Futurity

13-03-07 86 MVF Winner

2013 Midwest Vizsla Futurity Winner Red Label's Machine Gunner "Gunner" Owned/Handled by Nate Schmidt 

13-03-07 88 MVF Group

2013 Midwest Vizsla Futurity Placements from left to right: Winner-Gunner, 1st RU-Rogue, 2nd RU-Zoey, 3rd RU-Rex

The 2013 Midwest Vizsla Futurity

By Mark Spurgeon

The 2013 Midwest Vizsla Futurity again made history. Some of the brightest young stars in the Vizsla world attended to compete for the coveted Double Lane Trophy. A value of approximately $2000.00 in Trophies including a cash purse was awarded to the winners. Although the field was smaller than some previous years there was no shortage of talent. To help sort out the dogs 2 talented judges sat the saddle, Mr. Kevin Kuiper and Mr. Paul Katzle. Both judges have been watching and training dogs for many years, and are well respected. As usual a large crowd gathered for the drawing on Thursday evening. Friday began with the usual ride around so the judges and competitors know the course and have a chance to ask questions. The course was changed to run backwards because of concerns that dogs may cross the road. A brush line along the road was removed and left nothing to stop a dog if it made a big move to the front. The competitors liked the course well enough to change it for the weekend trial to follow.

We would like to thank the breeders, competitors, helpers and our sponsor Purina. Purina has supported us with Food for our winners as well as Jackets that we have embroidered for our judges. We would also like to thank the Vizsla Club of Illinois for their continued support.

The weather for the Futurity was not ideal. Dogs were cast of into 6” of snow. Surprisingly the snow wasn’t an issue. The snow covered all but the best objectives and actually made the dogs stay forward and push for tree lines and pockets.

Our Winner and Runner up both came from brace 5.

The winner Red Label’s Machine Gunner (Gunner) was owner handled by Nate Schmidt. Gunner broke away to the first tree line of the orchard and he quickly returned with a bird. He was found standing with Rogue on the center tree line both dog stood staunch and stylish. Gunner made large forward casts as he moved for the back tree line and backfield. Gunner and Rogue were again found standing. Gunner stood through the flush and until the blank was fired. He moved through the cut continuing to make large forward casts. Gunner was rewarded again in the backfield. After moving through the cut into the orchard, Rogue was found standing at 22 (minutes). Gunner moved in for a back. Both dogs were staunch and provided an opportunity for pictures. Gunner found the tree line and again pushed for the front. As we entered the open field Gunner crossed to the far tree line and worked the line well. Nate collected him up and moved through a cut. He was again found standing at 27. After the bird work he was cast off pushing forward holding the tree line until time was called.

Our 1st Runner Up, Rueben’s Rouge (Rogue) was owner handled by Tony Ordonez. Rogue broke away with power and pushed through the orchard to the center tree line. He was found standing.  After the shot the bird was nicely retrieved. At 10 both dogs were found standing again Rogue retrieved after the flush. Rogue moved to the East edge of the orchard and immediately found a bird. Rogue maintained a forward race through the back field and was reward at one of the islands. After entering the orchard Rogue was found standing with Gunner coming in for a back. Both dogs were staunch and stylish. Tony moved on through the center of the field where he was rewarded with yet another find. Rogue was handled to the open field where he hunted at a fast pace forward of the handler. Rogue finished strong as time was called.

Our 2nd RU and 3rd RU came from brace 2.

The 2nd Runner Up was On-Point Vizsla’s Zoey (Zoey) owned by Dan Olson and handled by Bill Stapleton. The 3rd Runner up was Cedar Creek Diamond Rex (REX) owner/handler Craig Donze. Both dog broke away nicely toward the orchard and were rewarded with early bird work. Rex hunted his way through the orchard on his way to the center tree line while Zoey was rewarded with another bird at one of the islands. Zoey headed down the tree line at the south side of the orchard then turned to reunite with her brace mate on the centerline. Both dogs entered the backfield at 8. Rex was found standing just beyond the break in plain view. After the shot there was a short chase as Craig gathered Rex and moved forward. Zoey pointed at 14 with no bird produced. Bill moved on with Zoey hunting the wood line edge on the backside of the course. Just before entering the orchard at 20 Rex pointed and then retrieved after the shot. By 24 both dogs were together again moving well through the orchard. Both dogs pointed in the orchard at 25. The bird was flushed, shots fired and the dogs moved on toward the front. Both dogs stayed forward and hunted well. Rex was rewarded with another find at 28. The bird was unable to fly and no shot was fired. Both dogs had entered the open field as time was called.

The Breeder Plaque was given to the Breeder of the winning dog. This year’s plaque went to Mark and Pam Spurgeon. Check the futurity website for more information on nominating your litter or self nominating your puppy. Remember “let’s keep them pups nominated”

To see Chad Chadwells scribe report and the complete write-up of each dog click HERE!

*2013 MVF Photo Album*

Running Order

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Ride-around @ 8:30am

Nominated Litters


Renominated Individual Dogs

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