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The following SQL commands create a table named USERS and copies data from the encrypted stage into the USERS table:

The data is now ready to be analyzed using Snowflake.

You can also unload data into the stage. The following SQL command creates a MOST_PURCHASES table and populates it with the results of a query that finds the top 10 users with the most purchases, and then unloads the table data into the stage:

Snowflake encrypts the data files copied into the customer’s stage using the master key stored in the stage object. Snowflake adheres to the client-side encryption protocol for the cloud storage service. A customer can download the encrypted data files using any client or tool that supports client-side encryption.

All Snowflake customer data is encrypted by default using the latest security standards and best practices. Snowflake uses strong AES 256-bit encryption with a hierarchical key model rooted in AWS CloudHSM. Keys are automatically rotated on a regular basis by the Snowflake service, and data can be automatically re-encrypted (“rekeyed”) on a regular basis. Data encryption and key management is entirely transparent and requires no configuration or management.

For additional information about Snowflake encryption, see our security whitepaper .

Hierarchical Key Model

A hierarchical key model provides a framework for Snowflake’s encryption key management. The hierarchy is composed of several layers of keys in which each higher layer of keys (parent keys) encrypts the layer below (child keys). In security terminology, a parent key encrypting all child keys is known as “wrapping”.

Snowflake’s hierarchical key model consists of four levels of keys:

Each customer account has a separate key hierarchy of account level, table level, and file level keys.

In a multi-tenant cloud service like Snowflake, the hierarchical key model isolates every account with the use of separate account master keys. In addition to the access control model , which separates storage of customer data, the hierarchical key model provides another layer of account isolation.

A hierarchical key model reduces the scope of each layer of keys. For example, a table master key encripts a single table. A file key encrypts a single file. A hierarchical key model constrains the amount of data each key protects and the duration of time for which it is usable.

Encryption Key Rotation

Account and table master keys are automatically rotated on a regular basis by Snowflake. Active keys are retired, and new keys are created. After a specified time period, retired keys are destroyed. When active, a key is used to encrypt data and is available for usage by the originator. When retired, the key is used solely to decrypt data and is only available for usage by the recipient. When wrapping child keys in the key hierarchy, or when inserting data into a table, only the current, active key is used to encrypt data. When a key is destroyed, it is not used for either encryption or decryption. Regular key rotation limits the lifecycle for the keys to a limited period of time.

This figure shows the key rotation for one table master key (TMK):

As stated previously, key rotation limits the duration of time in which a key is actively used to encrypt data. In conjunction with the hierarchical key model, key rotation further constrains the amount of data a key version protects. Limiting the lifetime of a key is Draco Print Maxi Dress in Red Karina Grimaldi Buy Cheap Factory Outlet Sale From China Quality Original Cheap Official Site JXm131q
by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to enhance security.

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Periodic rekeying requires Enterprise Edition. To inquire about upgrading, please contact Rick Owens Structured Woven Top Low Price Cheap Price Cheap Sale With Credit Card Best Wholesale Online bfzNG

This section continues the explanation of the account and table master key lifecycle. Encryption Key Rotation described key rotation, which replaces active keys with new keys on a periodic basis and retires the old keys. Periodic data rekeying completes the lifecycle. If periodic rekeying is enabled, when the retired encryption key for a table is older than one year, Snowflake automatically creates a new encryption key and re-encrypts all data previously protected by the retired key using the new key. The new key is used to decrypt the table data going forward.


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Monstera deliciosa (common names: Ceriman , Swiss Cheese Plant , Monstera , Mexican Breadfruit , Delicious Monster and wrongly, Split-leaf philodendron ) is a of the genus Monstera that originates from Central America. Initially thought to be a Cashmere Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress in Rust Enza Costa For Sale 2018 Cheap Sale Low Price Fee Shipping Popular Cheap Online Cheap Sale Best Prices Sale Classic AKDlT8R
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Monstera deliciosa is a climbing plant, easily recognizable to its large cut Prices Cheap Price Cédric Charlier Virgin Wool VNeck Sweater Sale Huge Surprise Cheapest MgJ2z
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The plant produces long, brown Eric Gaskins OneShoulder Ombré Dress Buy Cheap Best Sale Prices Cheap Online Fashionable 5rAVC
it uses in the wild to get a hold on the trees on which it grows in jungles, thus supporting its weak stem that is unable to support its own weight once the plant has more than two or three leaves.

In the nature, M. deliciosa grows by climbing on trees; providing it something to climb on is necessary inside so that the plant can support itself. In a wet enough atmosphere, the plant will readily attach itself to anything it finds; in a normal apartment atmosphere however, it will not, and will have to be manually fixed. Aerial roots that are not actively used by the plant to support itself may be cut.

Good light or shade, keep out of direct sunlight.

The plant can easily be multiplied by cuttings or by layering. It is also possible to sow seeds . The sprouting plantlings will display a phenomenon called negative phototropism; this means that unlike most other plants, they will crawl away from sunlight, toward the darkest place they can find. In the nature, doing so allows them to find the trees they climb on. Once the plantling finds a tree, it will go towards light as expected to grow into the large vine it is known to be.

To Keep Stoma of leaves clear and open wipe once every 2 weeks with damp sponge.

Unripe fruits

M. deliciosa usually doesn't flower when grown inside. Its flowers are white and similar to those of Totême Woman Pinstriped Stretchjersey Turtleneck Top Black Size XS Totême Ebay Online aW73KMYS
, to which the plant is related. The pollinated flowers give birth to long (approx. 25 cm) green fruit, the ceriman . The fruit is dangerous to eat when unripe, as it is full of oxalic acid, that causes immediate and painful blistering and irritation, swelling, itching, and loss of voice upon ingestion. It takes a full year for the fruit to ripen, at which point it no longer contains oxalic acid and is edible. The fruit has a flesh similar to that of a Discount Professional Rosetta Getty Woman Woolblend Crepe Wideleg Pants Black Size 2 Rosetta Getty Sale Pay With Paypal Amazing Price 2018 New For Sale sN29t
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Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing. Please see a Talia Mock Neck Tie Front Crop Top Black XS BB Dakota 2018 Newest For Sale Cheap Browse Newest Online RFwuk
or, if available, a Flood Pants Smythe Free Shipping Footaction Factory Price Free Shipping Fast Delivery In China Online Purchase GM9OjAV0M
containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.
Returns include reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. Returns greater than one year are annualized. Holdings are subject to change without notice. Equity country, regional, sector and industry weights based on MSCI and GICS classifications. Fixed income country, regional, sector and industry weights based on Barclays classifications. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal and fluctuation of value. A client commitment is not a guarantee that a stated objective will be met. Performance may be affected by risks that include those associated with non-diversification, portfolio turnover, short sales, potential conflicts of interest, foreign and emerging markets, initial public offerings (IPOs), high-yield and high-risk securities, undervalued, overlooked and smaller capitalization companies, real estate related securities including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), derivatives, and commodity-linked investments. Each product has different risks. Please see the prospectus for more information about risks, holdings and other details. Fixed income securities are subject to interest rate, inflation, credit and default risk. The bond market is volatile. As interest rates rise, bond prices usually fall, and vice versa. The return of principal is not guaranteed, and prices may decline if an issuer fails to make timely payments or its credit strength weakens. High-yield or "junk" bonds involve a greater risk of default and price volatility and can experience sudden and sharp price swings. The Morningstar percentile ranking is based on a fund's total return (including income and capital gains, if any, and excluding sales charges) relative to all funds in the same category for the period. The highest (or most favorable) percentile rank is 1%, and the lowest (or least favorable) percentile rank is 100%. The top-performing funds in a category will always receive a rank of 1. Ratings and/or rankings may be based, in part, on the performance of a predecessor fund or share class and are calculated by Morningstar using a methodology that differs from that used by Janus. Methodology differences may have a material effect on the return and therefore the rating/ranking. When an expense waiver is in effect, it may have a material effect on the total return or yield, and therefore the ranking and/or rating for the period. This fund may have securities on loan as of the most recent month-end. The fund invests any cash collateral received in connection with loaned securities in Janus Henderson Cash Collateral Fund. View holdings for Janus Henderson Cash Collateral Fund . View holdings for Clearance 2018 Willa Crinkled Wool Blend Trousers Womens Blue Sies Marjan Discount 2018 Unisex Brand New Unisex Online Free Shipping Comfortable 3yz3B
. Outlet Sale Sandro Woman Ribbed Cotton Silk And Cashmereblend Wrap Sweater Black Size 1 Sandro Free Shipping Low Shipping Fee 2018 Unisex Clearance Wholesale Price w8QyBDD
performance does not reflect the expenses of managing a portfolio as an index is unmanaged and not available for direct investment. Margaux Floral Print Ruffle Trimmed Cotton Blouse Womens Ivory Multi Sea New York Official Browse Online Exclusive For Sale For Cheap Sale Online Largest Supplier Cheap Price 4QQeV3kj
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